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Steel Wire Reinforced Fiberglass Fabric

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Steel high-temperature wire fabrics are woven from high-quality fiberglass yarns and stainless steel wires to provide excellent strength and heat resistance. Wire fabrics are ideal for high temperature environments. The wire can dissipate heat, improving heat resistance.

Weight200g/m²(6oz/yd²) - 2000g/m²(60oz/yd²)
Width0.8m - 2m or customized
Temperature Standing-70ºC(-94ºF) - 550ºC(1022ºF)
Length per Roll50m, 100m,200m or Customized

Product Properties

  1. Fire resistance

  2. High tensile strength

  3. Good electrical insulation

  4. Aging resistance

  5. High heat resistance

  6. Good abrasion resistance


Base materials for coating, welding blanket, fire curtain, expansion joints, Non-metallic compensator, insulation jacket, fire proof mat, anti-corrosion sector, flange spray shields, high-temperature gaskets and seals etc...

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